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Equal parts chemistry and philosophy, alchemy brings the right elements together to create something even more valuable.

At The Alchemedia Project, we combine message and media, technology and strategy, design and analytics, to create ideas that transform brands.


Introducing BrewChefs

As the original craft beer battered fries and appetizers, Brew City set out to inspire restaurant operators, or BrewChefs, to blaze new trails and craft their own legacies today.

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Slay the Afternoon Draggin’

Around this office, we know the greatest weapon against that two pm-itude is International Delight Iced Coffee. We said as much in c-stores and across the country, and launched a social media campaign that delivered the highest social engagement for International Delight for three consecutive months. Slay away!

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Love Out Loud

Lost & Found Grief Support Center

When someone dies, no one knows what to say. For grieving families, Lost & Found provides a safe, caring place to talk about loss. A collaboration between The Alchemedia Project, deep, and Bruton-Stroube, this campaign celebrates the healing that happens when families share their love out loud.

Feel Like Tea?

Lipton Specialty Tea

Bored? Happy? Anxious? Excited? Lipton has the tea just for you. With new packaging, Lipton Specialty Hot Tea helps you identify the tea that best complements your mood.

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Bringing Yeti Back

The Amiable Snowman

How does a beast look his best? The Abominable Snowman didn’t have a thing to wear to the biggest party of the season. So we brought yeti back with this tailored tale of holiday spirit.

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That's a wrap!

Warpping Paper

For our 2013 Marlin Network holiday card, we let things get a little curious. In an eblast, website and video we introduced a merry mashup of custom designed wrapping papers. Warpping paper not only brought smiles, shrugs and squirms to the lives of our clients, vendors and agency friends, it was a 2015 winner of the Print Celebrates Design competition.

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If Made Possible

IF Makers

The food industry has a group of leaders who are asking the difficult “what if?” questions that will change the way we eat. They are problem solvers. Innovators. Pioneers. We call the game-changing members of the International Foodservice Manufacturers Association IF MAkers.

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Kids being kids

Care to Learn

The Care to Learn Fund provides for the emergency needs of at-risk students, giving them the confidence to focus on learning. By launching a rebranding effort via television, print and online, we helped renew donor enthusiasm around this life-changing organization. To make a good thing ever better, the website was recognized by the AAF for excellence in non-profit communication.

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Wellness for Whatevavores

Whether they’re vegetarian, flexitarian or taste-good-tarian, consumers want options. Feed Your Whatevavores created a new way to talk about the new options Silk provides: plant-based beverages and dairy alternative ingredients for whatever people are eating today.

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Ask for Fresh

Ask for Fresh

When people say tea, they’re asking for Lipton. The smooth, refreshing taste of Lipton Fresh Brewed Iced Tea sets consumer expectation for what tea should be. And when operators see that Lipton is the brand that’s on their customers’ lips, they’ll understand the value of putting it on their menu too.

To share Fresh Brewed Iced Tea with customers, the Lipton Fresh Air Hour gave conference attendees a breath of fresh air with tea-infused cocktails and a hot air balloon ride with views of Las Vegas.

Master Of The House

Guild Master

When Guild Master wanted to promote their handsomely crafted homewares and furnishings, we knew we had something beautiful to showcase. We wanted the new look to mimic the texture of their wares while highlighting the vanishing craft of hand-crafted furniture.

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Pitcher Perfect

Lipton: Tea Perfect Store

With the decline of soda orders, Lipton is the perfect alternative for any operators looking to regain profit. Our Tea Perfect Program demonstrates how operators can attract more guests and keep them coming back by listening to two simple words: “tea, please.”

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The Original Party Starter

The Original Party Starter

Known for getting parties started, Anchor Poppers are always in the middle of a good time. So it just made sense to show the Popper POV as the centerpiece of this site design. We gave Jalapeño Poppers fans a place to share the love on Facebook and Twitter, and celebrated 20 years of Anchor Poppers with 90s throwback prizes. Rad.

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One Day

One Day

Inspired by our own friends and family members living with Type 1 Diabetes, we rallied community support for JDRF with dreams of 1 Day—the day children, teens and adults living with Type 1 Diabetes are cured.

Cheers to Real Beer

Cheers to Real Beer

When we learned Brew City fries and appetizers were made with real beer in the batter, the ideas just poured out. To bring the fun of tailgating out of the parking lot and into the restaurant, we developed the Tablegating program, including name, identity, collateral and web support. Cheers to a cool brand and a fun project.

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Summer More Awesummer

Make Summer More Awesummer

For independent operators shopping at club stores, this Awesummer promotion from Unilever Food Solutions helped them create bolder, zestier and fresher menus.

The Fast Lane

Dot Expressway

What’s the Dot Expressway? It’s a user-friendly, device-friendly, clutter-cutting hub on the web that matches the innovative and efficient spirit of the first and largest food redistributor. A big win for fast and straightforward!

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Joy In The Kitchen

Joy Unearthed

When McCain Retail set out to put a little more joy on kitchen tables across the country, they started by spreading a little joy on the web. With a completely redesigned and simplified website along with active social engagement, consumers don’t have to dig to find their favorite fries and onion rings.

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Your business. Our promise.

McCain Promise

As a family-owned company for 50+ years, McCain Foods USA understands the value of commitment. We helped them communicate their commitment to their customers through a simple promise to produce the hardest-working potato products in foodservice.

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