We are fearless food people with insatiable appetites for new ideas.

Our company shirts say “Food Love People.”

You can call it food-away-from-home or foodservice. Either way, marketing food from grower to consumer is what we do. We understand the complexities of the food supply chain, the nuances of the operator journey and the craft of connecting commerce. Yet with all our expertise, our most valuable marketing tool is the word in the middle. To connect food to people, we bring the love.

Our Mission:

To connect people and food in ways that serve both better.

What Matters to Us

We are an unafraid, courageously optimistic group fully committed to our endeavors, ready to learn from both success and failure. We value honesty and integrity, cherish our families, and are driven by creativity. And, with every client, our goal is to become an absolutely indispensable partner.

We champion the needs of individuals, whether it’s strategy, code, media, recipes, messaging or art, our ideas are rooted in insight.

We are resourceful, ambidextrous talents who take pride in our crafts and our company, and are empowered to influence our shared destiny through self-management and accountability.

We are food experts, who foster the next generation of industry leaders by investing in the training, growth and inspiration of every associate.

We believe that laughter and comradery brings out our best work, so we prioritize time to welcome, celebrate and appreciate each other.

We are optimists, approaching every person and project with positive expectations. We have courage to be creative, make it bigger, try and try again.

Meet the People

Are you going to eat all that?

We’re the curious friend who always wants to taste what’s on your plate and the finicky guest who keeps asking waiters what brand of mayo they serve. We love food. But even more, we love telling people about food in ways that make them as excited about it as we are.

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As part of Marlin Network and Advantage Marketing Partners, we provide clients with seamless access to innovators in adjacent practices, such as shopper marketing, consumer media and e-commerce.

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