Smucker Away From Home Integrated Spreads Campaign

With lower-cost private label brands threatening Smucker’s share of the spreads category in away from home channels, we built a mouthwatering campaign to retain & grow the spreads business.

The Point

Retain Smucker’s Share in Spreads Category

Help re-secure Smucker’s share of the spreads category with a campaign that demonstrates brand strength & breadth of offerings.

The Plan

Demonstrate Brand Strength + Versatility

Simply and effectively communicate how Smucker’s unmatched brand trust and portfolio breadth increase guest delight.

The Idea

Go the Extra Ounce

Create simple, mouthwatering creative that showcases what one ounce of Smucker’s can do for any dish.

The Payoff

They saw, they clicked, they Smucker-ed

> 500,000 impressions

> 4,000 landing page visits

Countless satisfied guests who enjoyed Smucker’s

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