Brew City Brand Refresh

As craft beer was catching like wildfire all across America, Brew City craft beer battered fries and appetizers were, well, not. We created a campaign all about craftsmanship to demonstrate that the same passion that goes into making craft beer goes into making food. And so was born the “BrewChef”.

The Point

Create a nationwide craft food movement.

To help Brew City capitalize on the craft-beer craze, we found operators—who we coined “BrewChefs”—who brought food and beer together in the most inspiring ways and used their stories to fuel a movement.

The Plan

Bring out every operator’s inner craftsman.

Using traditional and digital media, videos, CRM campaigns and a website, we shared the inspiring stories of restaurant operators who carefully crafted their way to success, with food and beer at the heart of everything they do.

The Idea

The invention of the “BrewChef”

The BrewChefs’ ingenuity, unique pairing ideas and creative use of craft beer battered products inspired other operators to join the craft food movement and invited them to create legacies of their own.

The Payoff

Igniting passion ignited profits.

The campaign generated 4+ million impressions for the brand and click-throughs to branded content effectively engaged hundreds of unique leads, who willingly supplied information and redeemed offers. It ignited a craft food movement growing and going strong.

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