Garage Graphics/Garage/Garage Graphics & Visuals/GG&V needed rebranding, including a new name (maybe you can see why). Naturally we turned to a mythical beast for inspiration and created a launch that would be embraced by employees and customers alike.

The Point

Rebranding Garage

Over 20 years, Garage Graphics—a full-service fabrication company—evolved into a larger operation with a slightly longer name. After being called everything from Garage to GGV (which confused new clients) and the desire to go global (where “garages” aren’t commonplace), the need for a rebrand became apparent.

The Plan

Celebrating Change

Since the client showed concern about the internal reaction to the rebrand, Deep recommended a company-wide meeting/celebration to unveil the new name and identity, including a video starring a few employees, an animation of the logo, and branded giveaways. To clients, we would introduce the new brand through direct communication.

The Idea

Garage Becomes Elemoose

To grab the attention of existing and prospective clients while better capturing the spirit of the company, we came up with Elemoose. Half elephant, half moose, the name is the perfect representation of the company and what they do—creating things that don’t yet exist or exist only in the imagination.

The Payoff

Employees & Customers Become Believers

The client felt the new brand was a true depiction of his company. Employees agreed and created t-shirts, cartoon sketches and even a stuffed Elemoose on personal time. Many clients provided unsolicited positive feedback, including Disney.

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